How To Grow Your Business Using Google AdWords

AdWords, an online advertising platform that falls under the Google umbrella and was developed by Bill Gross, was made available for the first time on August 23, 2000. It was Salar Kamangar who was responsible for the conception of AdWords as well as its subsequent development. He was hired by Google as the company’s first business employee, and he was in charge of directing the development of the AdWords product.

Google AdWords is an online tool that was built by Google and is used to advertise a variety of services and products in the internet market. The goal of using this tool is to draw more people into your sphere of influence. The solution to the query “to know what the consumer is seeking for?” may then be provided by the suppliers of the products and services. The search that was offered as a result is a thorough one, as it also provides information on the typical number of searches that are conducted for a certain demand during a large length of time.

Digital marketers frequently turn to Google AdWords for assistance in ranking websites and locating appropriate keywords for a certain endeavor. In addition to this, it provides us with a list of alternative keywords for a better page structure. The application’s suggestions not only took into account the frequency with which they are looked up, but also supplied information regarding the length of time that was taken into account when determining how long the time period should be.

Additionally, Google AdWords may be used as a paid kind of advertising. AdWords has become Google’s primary source of revenue and contributed to the company’s overall advertising sales in 2017. In 2017, AdWords contributed to Google’s total revenue. Pay-per-click (PPC) is the pricing mechanism that AdWords use for its many service offerings. This service is made possible thanks to the participation of a large number of commercial enterprises, who, in exchange for a payment to Google for each click through the Google search engine that directs customers to the businesses’ websites, enable users to use the service.

Distribution on a local, national, and worldwide level are all included in the AdWords campaign. Google presents these advertisements in a text, image, and video format respectively.

In addition to being the most successful online advertising platform now available, Google AdWords also serves as a foundation for beginners, assisting them in developing an understanding of the notion of digital markets.

Because it facilitates the research of keywords, it has served as the foundation of digital marketing. As everything falls under the Google umbrella, Gmail accounts might be used to check in to the service.

FACT: Google generates about 80 percent of its revenue from advertisements purchased through Google AdWords (LATER RENAMED AS GOOGLE ADS.)

Ads on Google and their Feature Set

  1. Google is responsible for one-third of all advertising money generated online (38.6 billion out of 117.6 billion)
  2. The click-through rate for an advertisement on Google is, on average, 3.16 percent.
  3. The click-through rate for an advertisement that is placed in the first search position is often more than seven percent.
  4. More than 1.2 million different companies are currently advertising on the Google Search Network.
  5. The Google Ad Display Network is comprised of more than one million different websites.
  6. YouTube, which is a component of the Google Ad Display Network, has a monthly viewership that is almost similar to the combined audiences of ten Super Bowls.
  7. The average price for an advertisement on the homepage of YouTube is $400,000.
  8. At this time, there are at least 300,000 mobile applications that are providing Google Mobile Ads.
  9. How the listings for mobile phones work: Seventy percent of mobile users who conduct a search will call a company directly from Google Search.
  10. mobile devices are responsible for generating 33 percent of all clicks on Google search results.
  11. During the final three months of 2013, spending on pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements increased by 12 percent year-on-year.
  12. When compared to Q4 2012, the click-through rates on Google AdWords had a 25 percent increase in Q4 2013.
  13. The overall amount spent on Google AdWords rose by 27% from the previous year’s December to the current month’s December.
  14. Seventy-two percent of Google AdWords advertisers want to raise their pay-per-click (PPC) spending in 2014.
  15. The success rate for generating leads with online marketing, including PPC advertisements, is 54 percent.
  16. On the other hand, local television advertising has only a one percent success rate when it comes to generating leads.
  17. The average return on investment for a dollar spent on Google AdWords by a company is two dollars’ worth of revenue.
  18. If the right-hand column is not there, 45.5% of users are unable to differentiate between organic and sponsored search results.
  19. The term “insurance” is the most expensive to advertise for using Google AdWords. On average, one click will set you back $54.91 dollars.
  20. Every month, the Google Display Network is responsible for providing 180 billion impressions (views), which is equivalent to around 6 billion every day.

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