7 New SEO Techniques for On-Page Optimization

1. Preserve the Current Reading Level

Every content writer need to make it their number one priority to produce writing that is easily understood by their audience. We are aware that not every person who uses Google possesses a high level of education.

My only comment is that the percentage of sentences that pass the Flesch Reading Ease Test in your post need to be lower. Therefore, individuals of all ages will be able to comprehend the material you present. This results in an increase in the quality of the generated traffic.

2. Site Speed

Check to see if your website is loading really quickly. It is common knowledge that people will not wait for their sites to load for more than a certain amount of seconds. Remove any unnecessary content from your article in order to make your pages load more quickly. One of the straightforward strategies utilized in OnPage Optimization, this approach involves.

3. Make Use of Pictures and Videos

Images and videos need to be included in the content of any Search Engine Optimizer’s website. Because it is much easier for people to comprehend any subject by viewing pictures and movies.

Making use of infographics, which are images that display a single message in its whole, is another excellent method of on-page search engine optimization.

4. A search conducted using Google Voice Search

The general public has modified their method of looking for things. People these days typically utilize Google Voice Search to conduct their searches by just speaking their questions into their phones. Through carrying out this procedure, they are able to obtain answers in a fairly straightforward manner. Because of this, those that optimize websites for search engines need to bring themselves up to speed by moving to Google Voice Search.

5. Publish to search engines such as Yahoo! and Bing.

The most recent method of SEO On Page Optimization is releasing our content in Yahoo! and Bing. When we first started, we would publish our articles on Google. The most recent studies, on the other hand, have shown that publishing one’s articles on search engines like Yahoo! and Bing will result in increased website traffic.

6. Make sure you’re using the “https” protocol.

When posting their papers, a large number of content authors will make use of the http protocol. Here is an innovative approach that may be used to boost the amount of visitors that the website receives. Make the transition from the http protocol to the secure https version. In addition to that, it was the latest and most well-known approach for SEO on-page optimization.

7. Be sure to utilize relevant keywords when leaving comments.

The acquisition of traffic through the use of comments is another essential strategy that belongs to the category of on-page search engine optimization techniques. Because Google bots will take comments into consideration along with the post they are attached to. It’s possible that some of the people may post really lengthy comments. Authors can benefit from reading and considering these remarks. When authors come across substantial remarks, they should make sure to include one or two relevant keywords in such comments.

Avoid overusing the same terms in many places. Even after the addition of the keywords, the remark need to have a natural appearance. Even if they only use comments on their pieces, writers may increase the amount of traffic they receive using this method.

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